Manufacture, sale and distribution of hygiene care products

About us

Hygiene Care Company (HCC) was founded in 2015. The owners and the management, bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing and sales of hygiene care products. The ambitious vision of the founder coupled with a highly capable team is driving HCC from strength to strength.


In our philosophy, hygiene, quality and innovation are our utmost priorities that drive our effort to supply people with trusted products of the highest technological standards.


We at HCC aim to become one of the leaders in manufacturing disposable diapers and tissue paper products in Spain.


Our technical team members and administration staff have extensive sector experience acquired through previous employment at leading companies.


Our production center in Spain, located in Calatayud is the perfect enclave for the logistics distribution of goods. Direct transport by road to the port of Valencia. From there develops maritime distribution covering the entire Mediterranean Sea.

From the port of Santander covers and connects with the west coast of Europe by the Cantabrian Sea and the North Sea. The National Highway I, connects by road Calatayud with Northern Europe. The National Highway II connect s us by road w i t h southern and central Europe.

Latest Technology for maximum care

Our highly competent research team ensures the use of latest innovations in raw material

Our Brand: Cheeky

HCC baby products are available in all sizes. Diapers for babies of any age, from precious newborns to children who begin to take their first steps.We firmly believe that the consumer has specialized in the search for new products that bring quality to their day to day. Search, compare and and something better, buy it. They are not subject to a lifetime brand. So we must always offer the best product at an appropriate price. It is also important to maintain a clean and neat brand identity. We must take care of our corporate image to get the consumer to try us. Since then the quality of the product is the one that will keep the consumer subject to our brand. With this philosophy, our customers are guaranteed that our products are a guarantee of rotation for your business.

Cheeky Extradry. Our Premium Product

Thanks also new design of the body’s absorbent cheeky super dry, we have managed to reduce the time in which the diaper goes from wet to dry.

Cheeky Classic

Latest Technology for maximun care. We have design a product tailored to the baby`s body.Each of the sizes fit Perfectly.

Private Label

We offer endless customization options to make sure the product is a perfect match for your market and needs.